Computer Graphics Technology Program

3D and Video Track

Learn how to create and animate objects and figures in a 2D or3D environment for special effects, motion graphics, and video compositing for advertising and marketing.

Is this a career for you?

Video graphics/motion graphics requires a combination of art and design, production planning, and visualization skills. Designers of motion graphics working in video production houses or freelance. Students will learn all aspects of video production including, storyboarding, animation, 3D modeling, drawing, and layout and design.

What you will learn:

Students will gain experience working in 2D and 3D graphics, video compositing, video production, key frame animation, pre- and post-production-planning, and media production.

What software will you use?

Audodesk 3Ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Premier, and After Effects Pro Tools.

*Students can earn an associates degree or a certificate in this program.

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CGT Foundation Skills Certificate

The CGT Foundation Skills Certificate provides the students basic design and application skills for a career in the fields of graphic design and computer graphics. Students learn how to use the basic principles of design, typography, and color theory to create visual communications and how to apply software, hardware, and peripherals to meet these goals. This certificate is a bridge to the Track Certificates or Associate Degrees.

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3D and Video Graphics Certificate

This certificate prepares students for a career combining the skills of three-dimensional imaging and video production. With the industry’s expansion of computer graphics imaging (CGI), these skills will allow the students to create 3D objects and composite videos with special effects and motion graphics. It creates the opportunity to develop simulations, engineering and architectural visualization for advertising and marketing projects.

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3D and Video Graphics AAS Degree

This degree provides students for a career combining the skills of three‑dimensional imaging and video production. In addition, it includes capstone courses that develop creative and practical skills beyond what is taught in the certificate program, as well as coursework that meets the general education requirements for a Schoolcraft associate in applied science (AAS) degree. The degree strengthens the student’s position in the profession and gives the student an academic credential with a higher standing.

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CGT Post-Associate Certificate

The post-associate certificate is for those students who have a degree in computer graphics and/or are working in the profession and wish to add an additional area of specialty to their portfolio. Students assemble courses to develop expertise in 3D animation, video graphics, web design, interactive media, publishing, or graphic design. It is highly recommended that CGT faculty be consulted when selecting courses.

Classes needed for the Associates Degree.