Student Show

When is the event?

The 2018/2019 Student Show will run from April 18th to May 2nd.

Where is the event?

The Student Show will be held in TBA at Schoolcraft College's main campus.
  • Schoolcraft College
  • 18600 Haggerty Road
  • Livonia, MI 48152

Event Img

Upcoming Student Show -- Please follow directions below.

CGT Students: We will be accepting submissions for the show now through TBA. All of the submitted artwork needs to have a digital copy format for initial submission. For formats and sizes see the instructions below. To submit your digital work:

  1. Go to the CGT-LABS(\\ntlabs) (S:) directory on the CGT server, Student Show 2019 folder. In the category folder corresponding to your artwork, create a folder named as your last name and place your pieces inside.
  2. Please register in the form below.
  3. Submit the form on the back of your matted artwork.


All work must be mounted on a 15x20/16x20 or 32x20/30x20 black matte board. Artwork size is up to the artist.


  • Graphic Arts:

    .psd or .ai with .pdf
  • 3D & Video:

    .avi .swf .mp4 or .mov formats
  • Web & Interactive:

    A folder containing the website or media.
  • Photography:

    .jpg non-compressed or .tif formats

Student Information

Schoolcraft CGT Student Show Information

This authorizes Schoolcraft College the right to edit, video tape, and use my edited student work images for educatoin and other non-commercial, non-profit purposes.