Student Review | Get constructive feedback on your work

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Here are three documents to read, complete and bring with you to your review:

Things Every CGT Student Should Know,
Student Evaluation Form and
Student Review Survey Form.(Awaiting Update)

CGT's Student Reviews
We want our graduates to get the training they need to become career ready.

What Are Student Reviews?

During the Winter semester, the CGT Department cancels classes for a week to conduct Student Reviews. This is a time for students who are in CGT Classes Level 200 and above to meet with instructors, who will view and discuss the student's work. During this time, students get constructive feedback on their work and guidance on their future path in the Computer Graphics field.

When Do They Take Place?

Student Reviews occur in the Winter semester. The exact date varies from year to year. The exact month and schedule is still to be determined.

Remember: Student reviews are mandatory for students enrolled in 200-level courses!